Here, you will find software applications or other documents designed / written and developed exclusively by Christos Beretas.

Application / Document Name Version Description License Download
Easy License (ΝΕW) 1.0 Offline EULA Generator FREE Download
Spy Picture (ΝΕW) 1.0 Add invisible, non-detected text within an image FREE Download
HelpMe (NEW -  ENGLISH VERSION) 1.0 Managing User Support Tickets (Help Desk Tickets). It needs MySQL Server, installation even in Cloud FREE Download
HelpMe (ΝΕΟΕλληνική Έκδοση) 1.0 Διαχείριση αιτημάτων χρηστών για υποστήριξη (Help Desk Ticket). Χρειάζεται MySQL Server, εγκατάσταση ακόμα και σε Cloud FREE Download
Dark NET Scanner 1.0 Check your website for vulnerabilities FREE Download
Expert Analyzer 1.0 Log file analysis to automatically detect SQL Injection attacks FREE Download
Pandora Crypto 1.0 Protect your Javascript code FREE Download
workGUI 1.0 GUI for Apache HTTP Server FREE Download
Jconfuse 1.0 Confuse Javascript code FREE Download
XSS Driller 1.0 Scan your website remotely for XSS vulnerabilities FREE Download
Black Enemy 1.0 Detect remotely web server name and version FREE Download
Sky Log 1.0 Review Log files FREE Download
Secure File 1.0 Is a tool that will protect you from surveillance. By using this tool you may send direct encrypted files globally FREE Download
Black Forest (Anti Bot-Net System) for Servers 1.0 Anti Bot-Net System for Servers, Not require Installation FREE Download
Turbo Zipper 1.0 ZIP and UnZIP files easy, portable application FREE Download
TCP Traffic Monitor 1.0 Monitor
and examine the network connections into your computer
FREE Download
Ηλεκτρονικό Πρωτόκολλο (ΝΕΟ) έκδοση 2019 6.0 Πρωτοκολλείστε τα εισερχόμενα / εξερχόμενα έγγραφα σας. Απεριόριστη χρήση. Επισύναψη αρχείων. Πρωτοκόλληση μέσω e-mail. Χρήση MySQL Server, για μεγάλους οργανισμούς, εγκατάσταση ακόμα και σε Cloud. Με δυνατότητα δημιουργίας χρηστών FREE Download
Ηλεκτρονικό Πρωτόκολλο (ΝΕΟ) έκδοση 2019 5.0 Πρωτοκολλείστε τα εισερχόμενα / εξερχόμενα έγγραφα σας. Απεριόριστη χρήση. Επισύναψη αρχείων. Πρωτοκόλληση μέσω e-mail. Χρήση MySQL Server, για μεγάλους οργανισμούς, εγκατάσταση ακόμα και σε Cloud FREE Download
Ηλεκτρονικό Πρωτόκολλο (ΝΕΟ) έκδοση 2018 4.0 Πρωτοκολλείστε τα εισερχόμενα / εξερχόμενα έγγραφα σας. Απεριόριστη χρήση. Επισύναψη αρχείων. Πρωτοκόλληση μέσω e-mail. Τελευταία έκδοση με χρήση MS Access FREE Download
White Hat Tool 1.0 Shut Down Remote Computer by Computer Name or IP FREE Download
SandBoxed Browser 1.0 SandBoxed Browser it will help you to examine any malicious URL without affecting your system with success up to 95% FREE Download
Watermark Passion 1.0 Watermark your images with any text you like FREE Download
My A1C 1.0 Useful for people with diabetes type 1: Guess the A1C level without blood sample FREE Download
Honeypot Projects are Everywhere PDF Research about Honeypot Projects FREE Download
U.S Cyber Strategy of 2020 PDF Research about U.S Cyber Strategy FREE Download
Cyber Cobra 1.0 This protection software will make your .NET executables to run only for you or for the person who have the execution code. The Execution Code should be 11 characters long. FREE Download
Crypto Triumph (ΝEW 2018) 1.0 Encrypt / Decrypt any file you like. Password Protection, NO file association FREE Download
PExe 1.0 Executable File Validator with option to disassemble NET assembly FREE Download
KONIO Obfuscator 3.0 Obfuscate NET Assembly FREE Download
Apropos IDE 1.0 C# Integrated Development Environment to create console applications.
- Run instantly what you code
- Build Solution
- Options to protect your solution by applying:
a) Anti IL DASM
b) Anti Debug
c) Namespace Protection
FREE Download
Pad X Submitter 1.1 Distribute your software applications to 100 software libraries world wide. Happy Submission :) FREE Download
CBfuser Packer 1.0 Pack your Entire Project to one Single Executable file. Fast Execution, Compression. Create portable applications. FREE Download
Pen Oasis (Penetration Oasis) 1.0 Check your network infrastructure if is vulnerable to DOS attacks, this tool it will attack against your network infrastructure to test it. FREE Download
Crypter Geek 2.0 Encrypt / Decrypt text files by this mysterious encryption tool. Both options for Installation or Portable use are available. FREE Download
Pandora White Box 9.0 The absolute software package for network administrators, system administrators and security experts. FREE Download
Ping Lite 1.0 Ping tool with Graphical User Interface FREE Download
Email Authenticator 2.0 Protect your self from spam e-mail messages, by checking the e-mail headers validity by using this tool FREE Download
Apokalypse 1.0 Check the remote Computer Name -OR- IP Address FREE Download
Cyphor 2.0 HTML Protection Tool FREE Download
Mobile OS IDE 1.0 IDE to create applications for Firefox OS platform FREE Download
HeartBleed Tester (Beta) 1.0 Check your web server if is vulnerable or not to OpenSSL HeartBleed bug FREE Download
Handbook written from Christos Beretas PDF Handbook (third edition) about Internet Privacy and Myths FREE Download
My Exterior Artificial Pancreas Project PDF Exterior Artificial Pancreas Project designed by Christos Beretas FREE Download
Show Code Vulnerability Scanner 1.0 Check your PHP version if is vulnerable to show code vulnerability FREE Download
Pass Gen 1.0 Password Generation Tool FREE Download
Customer Manager E/E 3.0 Customer Manager Enterprise Edition FREE Download
Smart+ 1.0 Write, open, and run PHP scripts without the need of web server FREE Download
Port Checker 1.0 Check your Web Server for Open and Close Ports FREE Download
Image Converter 1.0 Convert Images in Various Formats FREE Download
Ninja Scanner 1.0 Port Scanning Application (fast, easy, reliable) FREE Download
Limit Credit Card Checker 1.0 Credit Card Checker FREE Download
Web Trust Editor 2.0 Editor which supports HTML, DHTML and XHTML syntax attributes FREE Download
Cemetery Management - Διαχειριστής Νεκροταφείου 3.0 Cemetery Management Information System - Πληροφοριακό σύστημα διαχείρισης νεκροταφείου. FREE Download
Bunny Web Browser 5.1 Bunny Web Browser (very fast web browser) FREE Download
Blight Tester 13.0 Check your web server / website for vulnerabilities FREE Download
Web ID (Intrusion Detection) 2.0 Monitoring your Servers FREE Download